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Northeast Region – Crosby Beane

Crosby has been fortunate to enjoy his entire professional career of over 25 years in most facets of the Fly Fishing Industry. Crosby began his career as a guide in Colorado and grew his passion for fly fishing into a prosperous fly shop and outfitting business. Crosby moved onto the wholesale and manufacturing end of the business as a sales manager and now owns and operates A.C. Beane Outdoors, an independent sales representation firm. Integrity and dedication are the platform on which he has built his reputation and partnerships.

Phone: 717-606-4405

Southeast Region – Brian Kleinchester

Brian Kleinchester resides near Lexington, Va, where he has spent his entire life chasing the trout and smallmouth bass of southwest Virginia. Brian’s angling experience is not limited to the small streams of his home however. Brian has fished extensively throughout the U.S. and the U.K. Brian’s passion for catching fish on fly eventually led him to the fine art of bamboo rod making in 2003. Since then Brian’s skill and craftsmanship have grown to the point where he is now generally regarded as a master builder amongst his peers. He has been featured in both Southern Culture On The Fly magazine, and Shen Valley magazine as well being featured in the recently released film, Chasing the Taper. Brian has spent the last four years as a sales representative for Hardy Fly Fishing, and feels privileged to be able to work with and promote a brand with not only as deep and rich a history as Hardy’s, but with a company whose focus is so much to the future.

Phone: 540-460-7106

PA/OH – John Wert

I was a curious kid and therefore I was a fisherman. I grew up in Central Pennsylvania where I learned how to catch wild Brook Trout from cold mountain creeks and bronze backed Smallmouth on the Susquehanna River and I was lucky to have friends and family who encouraged it. I spent a few years out west where I learned how to row a boat and swing a wet fly. Now I live, once again, in Pennsylvania. I love sharing the sport with new fishermen and teaching my boys to be curious, like I was. Archery rivals fishing for my time. I compete and coach and in the fall I’ll put down my rods for a few weeks while I hunt Whitetail Deer with traditional bows.

Phone: 223-333-6251

Northern Rockies – Dan Short

Growing up as a third generation fly angler…. I was one lucky guy. Chasing trout became part of my lifestyle at an early age. Spending weekends fishing with my family and friends gave me an early appreciation for all things fishy and our cold clean rivers.    Starting Double Haul Outdoors in 2014 my wife Jen,  we have tirelessly worked to create meaningful relationships and partnerships in the fly fishing industry. With a commitment to customer service. Providing the highest quality fishing equipment to our dealers in ID, MT and WY. When not working, we are often found somewhere from a lake, to a river, or a mountain top enjoying the great outdoors and our national public lands!


Missouri – Rob Zuidervaart

Fly fishing is an art that is often practiced, but rarely mastered. Growing up in the heart of Missouri, I was provided with the opportunity to practice my skills on multiple bodies of water for a wide variety of amazing fish species. Whether it’s chasing trout and smallmouth in the clear cold water streams or crappie and largemouth in the warmer bodies of water, the Midwest challenges ever fly fisherman to tackle its wonderful waterways in search of that next trophy. For the past 15 years, I have devoted
numerous hours to expanding my knowledge of the whip stick. As well as, providing guidance and knowledge to the future members of our fly fishing community through events dedicated to the outdoors. Fly Fishing is much more than catching fish. It is about catching the experience. Tip #12: A victory is not needed for a victory drink.

Phone: (573) 619-9001

TALO Area – Greg Welander

Greg Welander is a lifelong angler and started fishing at the early age of four. He first picked up a Fly Rod in 1998 and hasn’t looked back. In 2004, he took up the art of Fly Tying. Greg has been a Fly Tying instructor for over nine years. The Texas Hill Country Streams and Lakes are his local passion in between trips to the Texas Coast for Redfish. Greg grew up in San Antonio Texas. After college he spent 25+ year’s in corporate IT. He brings a strong sense of customer service to the Fly Fishing Industry. Greg is currently working as an Independent Manufacturing Sales Rep for several companies in the Fly Fishing and Outdoor space. Also, Greg has been guiding clients in the Texas Hill Country and surrounding Austin, Texas spring fed waters since 2012.

Phone: (817) 988-6467

Midwest – Adam Aikens

Adam Aikens grew up conventional fishing in Fargo, North Dakota before moving to Michigan in 2015 where he was introduced to fly fishing by the pastor of his church after complaining to him about the lack of walleye fishing in the area. Walleye fishing soon felt like a distant memory as Adam took advantage of the many opportunities to fly fish for trout and steelhead in Western Michigan. In May 2017, Adam was given a chance to manage a fly shop, lodge, and outfitter on the Pere Marquette River before moving “back home” to Grand Forks, ND in July 2019. He has been living the sales rep life since August 2019 and is grateful for a fun job that allows him to travel to the fishiest places and work with some of the fishiest people in the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes Regions! In his free time, Adam loves to travel with his wife and fish for trout wherever they can be found, but has a soft spot for the wild, native Brown Trout that reside in the rivers and hill lochs of Scotland.

Phone: (406) 671-6670

PNW – Patrick LaValla

Patrick grew up in Olympia WA where he has always been fond of the outdoors and fishing. Patrick has fond memories of fishing with his father during his time in the Scouts and continues to take fishing trips with him to this day. When not on the river you can find Patrick in the mountains hiking, snowboarding, and camping. Patrick is both our inside sales manager and PNW sales representative.

Phone: (360) 701-9497

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